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Patrick Fatica is an artist, designer and filmmaker based out of Orlando Florida. Patrick has been a professional artist for more than 20 years and has shown his paintings in some of the finest galleries throughout the country. With over 100 solo and group exhibitions, his work has become well known in the pop surreal art movement.

Graphic design, specifically logo and poster design is a large part of patrick's career. His approach to a poster or logo is the same as a painting and he believes it should be coveted with the same amount of attention.

Patrick had added filmmaking into the mix expanding the stories he tells with moving pictures and sound. His animated short film MONSTER appeared in over 50 Film Festivals across the country. It won Best Animation at the DIY Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA and We Be Dragons Film Festival in London.

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In my spare time I'm remodeling our 1925 Colonial Revival home. I've created a page dedicated to the renovation. If you love old houses as I do, please check out the site.

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