Patrick is also an award winning filmmaker. We approach all of our projects with a creative slant. We can create and shoot web or promotional ads and commercials. This is a promo video created for the Theater Dance Group varieTEASE based in Orlando, FL

This is a promo video shot and edited for Orlando Burlesque Troupe Ladies of the Peek-A-Boo Lounge.

This was a short documentary we shot in one day about producer and theater owner Blue Star.

This is a short promotional video for The Venue, a theater in Orlando, FL.

A promo video for Winnie’s Rock Cauldron Cabaret. Shot in 2018 At The Venue in Orlando, FL

We've also created numerous short spots for Think Live Be Property Team, a Real Estate Team in Orlando, FL. These are just a few. We created these web commercials to coincide with their direct mail campaigns.

We also do our photography in-house. Here are a few examples