You Would Destroy All For Which They Have Fought And Suffered

I Said Stand Down Private!

I Buried Their Bones Under The Moss And Thistle Beds

Gone From Me Soft And Sweet, Let Me Hold Her Close And Keep Her Here With Me

Plunged Into The White DitchTufted With Locks Of Wool And Stinging Flesh

Invasion From Above

It Was Dastardly Splintering Of A Wonderful Ambushing

Swift and Slender She Sensed The Omen In African mythology as creatures of grace and speed, the ante

The Sickening Sweetness Of Her Shy Meekness Buckled My Knees And Gave All Of The World To Me

While Doing Her Bidding, A Charlatan Hissing. She Inspired My Secrets With A Clattering Chattering

mermaid 1

Wind May Tangle the Hair on your Head, You Sing Like a Siren to Me

With Hope in Her Eyes, She Danced in Green Lights

We Will Fold & Freeze Together Far Away From Here

Of The People, By The People, For The People

Welcome to Sunnydale

You Know Who Wouldn't Have Called - Starbuck

In you Heart There's a Spark That Just Screams

We Couldn't Let Rosemary Go -She's Shackled In The Cellar


With Wild Garlic & Raspberries She Led Them To The Slaughter

You Were The Thunderous Thumping That Caused All Of My Enthralling

Winter and Steel Anchored Her Desolate Resolve

The Thick Taste of Cedar Planks Fed Her Vengeful Demeanor

She Was Prone To Fits Of Rage Burned Out Spirit Sage

The Warm Fever Had Embraced Her But For A Split Second She Remembered


The Rhetoric of Misery & Mystery Was Transparent At Best

She Secretly Sings of Orchids and Whispers


She Ravaged Her World With Indulgent Conceit

Mr. Torrence's Bad Day

No Matter How Much Of It She Took, The Medicine Refused To Work

Serving Its Purpose, Wrath Under The Surface - It Was Enough To Break Her copy

She Cried Tears Of Thistle And Wine

With Cinnamon & Barley On Her Breath She Lied About What Last Winter Meant

With This Clattering And Din I Am Calling You, Come On Darkness

In Her Bedroom For Hours She's Cloaked By Dried Flowers And The Boxes Used For Collecting

I'm Sorry, Grace Doesn't Live Here Anymore

I Will Be With you When You Lose Your Breath

I Want To Believe

I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name - Best friend I ever had - We st

Harboring The Innocent Was Not Acceptable

Her Meekness Would Shatter Glass and Bone

Her Offensive Slashes Were Flesh Wound Splashes And It Was Simpler Than She Wanted

I Built Her Legend Up In Seconds And Created An Unattainable Myth

Defiance Will Bear A Broken Branch To Stall Her Liberation

Danny and Tony

Candy Coated Sugar Bombs

Bjork's - Human Behaviour

bill murray - clown

Antelope 1

Back in the Woods, Under Ashes, There Are Stones

Antelope 6

Antelope 2

And A Shadow Falls On Half Her Face, And You Were One I Could Not Replace

A Saber Takes Labor, But   A Blaster Is Faster


2012 Zombie




Operating on the edge between street and highbrow art, Fatica’s world is dark and devoid of highbrow puffery, instead depicting a surreal, nihilistic future inspired more by David Lynch’s Eraserhead than the bright futurism explored at the 1939 World’s Fair.

                                                   -Orlando Weekly


We can’t think of anything more delightful than indulging in meticulously rendered prurient fantasies.

                                                 -Phoenix Sun Times


A sublime blend of Tim Burton and Botticelli.

                                                -Baltimore Examiner


The eyes are a well of unanswered questions that draw you into Patrick’s work, leaving you admiring the details and searching for answers.

                                                         -Cool Gifting